Are you ready for Fashion Project?

High school students: Looking for a project? Need credits for school or something to fill the holiday? Want to take a Diploma in Fashion? As well as our diploma courses, Fashion Project short-courses qualify for IB Diploma CAS credits. We will provide certificates of completion for your teachers and we are happy to write report cards if you need them. Fashion Design Hong Kong.

Hobbyists: Each workshop session at Fashion Project is 2 and a half hours. Just right to give yourself a break with a creative and worthwhile hobby and conveniently located in Central for easy quick access.

Bored at work?: If the office doesn’t inspire you, let Fashion Project bring out your creative talents. Evening and week end classes mean you can fit in some balance to your life. It may be to relax, but who knows? Maybe a new career beckons. It’s happened already for Fashion Project students. Fashion Design Hong Kong.

Undergraduates: Doing a fashion based degree course? Finding it’s all theory and no practical? At Fashion Project we are used to helping students at all kinds of design schools from around the world to use their holiday time for learning practical skills to supplement what they do in class. And most importantly to reignite those passions dulled by the lecture halls.

Budding fashionista?: Love the fashion world? Looking for work or to do your own “thing”? Fashion Project teaches you how to get your ideas on the drawing board and then bring them to life. Our students have gone on to launch their own lines and open their own boutiques. Let us help you follow your dream.

Fashion Project brings a wide variety of fashion related services and activities to Hong Kong. From fashion figure drawing classes which help you to get your ideas on to paper through to dressmaking courses which allow you to bring them to reality, Fa Fashion Project has it for you.  Popular courses include learning to sew and pattern making. We are constantly adding new classes and courses, which take place at ITS Tutorial School in Central, Hong Kong, and products [depending on our travels], so please bookmark us and visit regularly. Fashion Design Hong Kong.

Courses and classes currently available and taught at ITS Tutorial School, 2/F BOCG Life Assurance Tower, 134-136 Des Voeux Road, Central. Ph:2116 3916


Fashion Design Hong Kong


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HK’s Entrepreneur Today, Reika Shetty.

Interview with Reika Shetty, by Fa Harrington

The entrepreneur Reika Shetty, who has an eye for fashion opportunity, opened Maryaya in 2012, when she saw a gap in the provision of maternity wear in Hong Kong.

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Fashion Show 2017

ITS Fashion Project Fashion Show & Competition 2017 by Fa Fashon Project (Fa Harrington)
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Fashion Show 2013

 Fashion Design Hong Kong.