HK’s Entrepreneur Today, Reika Shetty.

Interview with Reika Shetty, by Fa Harrington

The entrepreneur Reika Shetty, who has an eye for fashion opportunity, opened Maryaya in 2012, when she saw a gap in the provision of maternity wear in Hong Kong. She is also a former

101 Reasons to Buy Handmade

by Jan Halvarson on Etsy Website

In order to support the handmade community, and promote the importance of buying handmade goods, we asked artists, designers and shop keepers to provide us with 101 reasons why one should buy handmade.  Here are

Preparing for University

by Jasmin Mao, London Collage of Fashion (LCF), London, UK

Illustration by Stephanie Cheung

For the longest time I knew that I wanted to pursue fashion. For me, it was never too much a case of what I wanted to do, but

The making of Thai Silk

by Danny Harrington, Hong Kong

Thai Silk is considered one of the world?s finest fabrics with a heritage thought to stretch back more than 3000 years. Not only does it come in a mind-dazzling array of colours and patterns, but

Sustaining Fashion

by Ella Pili, Hong Kong

The time has come for consumers to share a renewed respect for fashion, dressing and workmanship. We have gone away from understanding the critical steps of work involved in the creation of fashion. Current retail models

Mastering the Art of Fashion Illustration

by Ella Pili, Hong Kong

Illustrated by ITS Fashion Project’s student, Eunice Yu

Upon introduction to new and potential students, I am amused at how many are quick to anxiously admit they are not good at drawing or don?t know how to